Sunday, October 7, 2018

Essentials for Endurance

James 5:14-16
North Side takes time each year to recognize those affected by cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  Many are engaged in a battle for their lives and the support and understanding of others is a great asset.  There are some key elements for those fighting for their lives.
Accept the Challenge When You have Cancer
Acceptance can quench the fire of anger.  Otherwise, we live in frustration and anger.
The Battling of Cancer Calls For:
COURAGE –Those Battling Cancer Today  Joshua 1:9  
  • A Conquering Spirit comes from God. 
  • Fighting in the head is anger.  Fighting in the spirit is courage.
  • God has not called us to test our strength but His.
FAITH – We Honor The Survivors of Cancer  Psalm 56:3
  • Faith creates fresh possibilities that can lead to great accomplishments.
  • Problems with faith develop when we forget Who brought us there and feel we are the ones in charge.  
  • Faith is strengthened by reviewing the past care of God in our lives.
LOVE – We Honor the Caretakers  John 15:12-13  
  • There is nothing as beautiful as the loving, tender care of those who lay down their lives to stay with one who cannot move forward with them. 
  • Although it can be difficult to walk beside a hurting person, it is also a privilege
HOPE - We Remember Those We Have Lost  Romans 5:3-5  

  • Hope -To desire with expectation of obtainment; To expect with confidence
  • Hope is the interpretive lens that brings us determination in the midst of despair, courage in the midst of crisis and power in the midst of peril.
  • The strength of hope is the source of that hope.  “I hope that…”, “I hope it…” or “I hope they…” show trust in circumstances or people.  But the Christian says, “I hope IN God!

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