Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reframing Christmas | Give More

John 3:16

We continue to Worship Fully, Spend Less and look today at Giving More.  It’s a time when we are encouraged to think outside and live outside our own wishes and desires and reach out with both with gratitude and with generosity. But as we have been discovering through our series, GIVE MORE doesn’t have to mean SPEND MORE!

Selfishness results in disunity. That’s one reason why God’s economy is built on the selfLESSness of the sacrifice Christ has made for us. And it’s why the Bible warns against selfISHness.

Three Important Gifts That You Can Give Without Spending More:

I. Time

II. Presence

III. Relationship

1.   Our motivation for giving must be love.
2.   Giving is the proper expression of love.
3.   The best gift you can give is you.

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