Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Elusive Gift… Peace

The Elusive Gift… Peace 

John 14:27

The Bible has much to say about peace. While the Old Testament seems to speak about peace connected to righteousness and the absence of conflict, the New Testament introduces us to the Prince of Peace. Our world certainly needs peace between nations and within nations.  But even more, the people of the nations need the inner peace only God can give.

The presence of worry is a manifestation of the lack of peace

Two Kinds of Peace

·  The Peace of the World

“Not as the world gives” clearly states that the world offers a false peace.

Worldly peace is basically temporary, subject to change quickly.

·  The Peace of God

Real peace is not found in what we can achieve but in whom we can believe.

Peace is not found in the absence of conflict but the presence of God through the Holy Spirit.

One of the greatest losses of peace comes from guilt.  Psalms 51:3

Receiving the gift of God requires that we do these things:

·       Acknowledge your sin and separation from God.

·       Repent of your wrong and ask for forgiveness for your sin.

·      Commit to follow Christ as your Lord. 

·      Receive the gift of salvation from God.

God’s peace comes to us as His gift when we surrender to Him in the circumstances.

We lose peace when we worry about a future that may never happen.  We forget that God has already been in our tomorrows and will be there with us no matter what the circumstances.

Urgency should not steal our peace.

You will never have peace of mind until you come to peace in your heart and soul through faith that God is in control.

Heavenly peace is not fighting God but trusting Him in whatever the circumstances of life may be.


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