Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Last Arrow* (Part 3)

1 Kings 19:19-21
Every life is created by God and endued with unique purpose.  But He leaves it to us to discover it.  Each step in life leads to another with the choices we make determining our future.  It is far too easy to stay in one place and fail to realize the full plan of God for our lives.
Choose the Futureand Set Your Paston Fire
If we are not careful, our future will simply be an extensionof our past.
·      Dreams are lost in the dominoeffect of life.
·      Life needs disruptionsto force new direction.
·      No one can force you to walk freelya road you do not choose.
·      What God has offered to us spiritually is not realized without a passionatepursuit. You will not flow into holinessor its blessing. 
·      Oldhabitsdie hard.
·      Sometimes setting your past on fire is less walkingaway from it than risingabove it.*
·      As long as we have a contingency plan to go backward, then backwardis where we will find ourselves going in the end.*
·       We don’t like to call bondage to the past slavery.We call it safety. We call it comfort. We call it security. We call it responsibility.*
Beware designing a life in pursuit ofmaterialthings.
·      What you docomes out of who you are, but who you aremust exist apart from what you do.*
Refuse to StayBehind  2 Kings 2:1-14
·      The unfortunate reality is that many of us would choose our comfortrather than our destiny, would choose safetyover opportunity, would rather settle for less than sacrificemore.*

*Content for this message is Adapted From:The Last Arrow:
Save Nothing for the Next Life
Erwin Raphael McManus

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