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Meant to Fly - Part 2 The Call to Soar

 Meant to Fly - Part 2

The Call to Soar

Deuteronomy 32:11-12

The time has come to test the skills of the eaglet!  I’m certain there is great apprehension on the part of the parents. But it is imperative that they do their part to send their offspring into the world to fulfill their purpose.


The Nesting Stage; The Imprinting Stage  

The Discomfort Stage - v. 11 "Like an eagle that stirs up its nest..." 

Our natural tendency is to be satisfied with the average and mediocre.

If you are going to move your children from dependence to independence—you must be a disturbing parent.

The Decision Stage - Joshua 24:15

The eaglet must make a decision to cling to the nest or step out and fly.

Most people do not like to make decisions.  We also dislike change.

We are all products of our decisions regardless of the circumstances of our lives.

It takes COURAGE to jump when it’s time to fly.

We don’t jump because we are more afraid of what we don’t know than what we do know.  We stay crippled by fear and lose our freedom and purpose.

The Danger Stage - 

Growth and success in life are not realized without risk.

The screams of the eaglet and the new adult are not that of power, but of terror. Out of this situation comes the willto live.

Every stage in our life journey will be uncomfortable for a while because transitions are uncomfortable at first.

The Development Stage - Proverbs 24:16

To “develop” something means to unwrap it.

Take the struggle away and you take the strength away.

The fear of your child’s failure should not come at the expense of your not giving them a push.  ‘The more you TRY, the better you FLY!

The Deliverance Stage – v.11

leap of faith is always into the arms of a loving God.

The Determination Stage

The one who learns to soar above others is a person of great personal faith.

The eagle rises on the winds that bring the storm.  

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