Sunday, January 12, 2020

Water Cooler Evangelism

Water Cooler Evangelism
John 4:4-42

The majority of believers feel that they have done their part by believing in and worshipping Christ.  But, as believers, what we have experienced brings us the privilege of sharing with others a lifechanging message.

The world around us knows about religion but not about a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Jesus was an agent of change.

I. How Jesus Changed the Woman  4:4-26

We cannot simply expect people to change without changing ourselves.

A. Jesus Risked His Reputation

·   The important point to see is that Jesus went to her.

·   If you don't change people ... you really haven't changed anything."

·   You cannot change what you will not touch.

B. Jesus Answered Her Questions  

·   Question # 1 - Why are you talking to me?  vs. 9

Jesus' motive in speaking to the woman was love. 

·   Question #2 ... Where can I get this water? vs.11

People are thirsty and will try to quench that thirst with any and everything. 

C. Jesus Caused Her to Face the Truth About Her Life . vs.15-19

Jesus shows her she had a ...

·   SELF PROBLEM ... she was avoiding the truth about herself.

·   SIN PROBLEM ... she was in a lifestyle of sin.

·   BELIEF PROBLEM ... where she worshipped was more important than the one she worshipped.

II. How Jesus Changed the Disciples  4:27-38

·   Prejudice is deeply rooted in every culture. 

·   Jesus put the disciples in conflict with their culture. vs.27

·   Jesus Introduced the disciples to a spiritual appetite and satisfaction. vs.31-34  

·   He Inspired the disciples to look beyond the obvious. vs.35-38

III. How Jesus Changed the Town  4:39-42

·   Jesus changed the town through the testimony of the woman.vs.39

·   Jesus changed the town with His caring words. 40-41

·   Jesus changed the town by the people believing in Him. vs.42

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