Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spirit Equipped for Spiritual Service Part V

Romans 12:1-8
God calls, equips and empowers the church for its ministry. We continue our review of the seven basic motivational gifts and look at characteristics of the Gifts of the Spirit as expressed in a believer, how they may serve in the Body of Christ and problems that might occur when the gift is misused or abused.
The mission of the church is not only determined by God in its
                         but also designed by Him in its                                      .
Scripture shows that some individuals exercise _________ _________
_______ ministry gift.
EXHORTATION - Colossians 1:28; Acts 4:36 (Barnabas)
The motivation to stimulate the faith of individuals. 
SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Exhortation:
1. See Underlying Problems in a Person.
2. Motivate Others.
3. Prescribe Steps of Action.
4. Turn Problems into Benefits.
5. Desire Face-to Face Discussion.
6. Bring harmony to People and Groups.
7. Enjoy Seeing Others Grow in Christ.
Common Misunderstandings of the Gift of Exhortation:
1. Some people misinterpret the exhorter's emphasis on steps as oversimplifying problems.
2. The exhorter is sometimes accused of taking the Scriptures out of context, because he is constantly applying them for personal application.
3. His emphasis on action may seem insensitive to people's feelings. 
NON-SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Exhortation:
1. The exhorter is marked by wisdom when Spirit-led; otherwise, tends to be driven by natural, psychological inclinations. 
2. A person of understanding when in step with the Spirit; otherwise, becomes judgmental.
3. Tendency to feel proud as person depends on them for counsel
4. When not Spirit-led they become dependent of person needing them
5. These need to: Listen, count the cost, control emotions,

Administration - - Organization - Leadership  Numbers 11:14-17
The motivation to coordinate the activities of others for the achievement of common goals. 

SPIRIT-LED Characteristics of Administration
1. Those with the Gift of Administration Enjoy Assuming Responsibility. Leaders
2. Those with the Gift of Administration See the Parts Within the Whole.
3. Those with the Gift of Administration See the Importance and Value of Plans.
4. Those with the Gift of Administration Identify Resources to meet Their Goal.
5. Those with the Gift of Administration Avoid Distraction and Focus on Results. Nehemiah  6:1-4
6. Those with the Gift of Administration Value Loyalty from Those they Lead.
7. Those with the Gift of Administration Derive Joy from Seeing a Task Completed.
Common Misunderstandings of the Gift of Administration
1. With a focus on system they may seem regimented and insensitive to liberty and freedom of the Spirit.  Their lists become lord!
2. In the eyes of others, delegating responsibility may resemble avoidance of work.
3. Because organizers see people as resources, they may seem to lack appreciation for individuals.
4. With a desire for swift completion of a task, they may be seen as pushy and insensitive to the time and life limitations of others.
NON-SPIRIT-LED Characteristics the Gift of Administration
1. In the Spirit leaders are sensitive to relationship; out of the spirit they value only results.
2. In the Spirit, there is a sense of responsibility to God and leadership from God; out of the Spirit their humility gives way to a prideful, dictatorial attitude.

3. In the Spirit, there is a bold decisiveness; out of the spirit there is doubt and timidity. 

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