Sunday, October 4, 2020

Changes Part Two – Roll With It

 Three reasons to lean into learning how to roll with it…

1.     Failing to accept change can make us bitter.

2.     We deal with change best, by choosing it.

3.     Vision requires change.


      I.         When things are a mess, you have to start somewhere.


God, in His sovereignty, simply chose Abram.


God’s call to Abram was to move.

God was calling him out of the known, into an unknown.



     II.         Look to God’s promises in the disruption.



The faith to which we are called is not faith in a plan, but faith in a person.


Four Lessons from Abram’s Call to Change:


1.     Don’t be discouraged.



2.     God used the known to lead Abram into the unknown.



3.     Don’t long for an old normal.



4.     We can be made right with God.


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