Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Great Comeback

Isaiah 30:19-21
The excitement of a good football game includes times of success and failure for both teams.  Sometimes the way it looks in the middle of the game is no reflection of what is to come. One of the marks of a successful football team is the ability to change their game plan as needed at halftime.  Our lives can certainly benefit from adjustments as well.  Call timeout!  How will you play the rest of the game?

The rest of your life can be the best of your life.

Age has no relevance to our halftime since we don’t know how long our lives will be.
To pair age with maturity is foolishness.
If the first half was a quest for success, the second half is a journey to significance.
The game is won or lost in the second half, not the first.
What needs to happen at halftime to be victorious in life?

I. We Must Understand Our Situation  

Leaders and losers of the first half need to make adjustments to win the game.

A. Dangers for Halftime Leaders

1. Pride that leads to complacency

2. Overestimation that leads to underachievement

B. Dangers for Halftime Losers

1. Discouragement that leads to Defeat

2. Projecting past defeat into future failure

Don’t live in the past, but learn from it.

II. We Must Acknowledge our Weaknesses - Proverbs 29:20-21

It was not the calls of the referees that cost you the first half.

Accepting responsibility places the power to make things different in your hands. 

Acknowledging our weakness positions us to receive instruction

I. We Must Listen to the CoachJeremiah 29:11

Picture the Disciples in the Upper Room

II. We Must Discover our Strength -  Acts 1:7-8

Victory is not dependent on me, but God.

III. We Must Press for the Prize Hebrews 12:1

God’s promise still requires our participation to be realized.

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