Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jacob, Jabbok and Wrestlemania Part 3

Genesis 32:22-32
Today we continue our study on Jacob and how God reclaimed his life to fulfill His intended purpose and plan.
God not only has eternal life for His children but an 
earthly purpose as well.
I. A Man Sought Solitude - v.22-24
• Many will never change until they get 
uncomfortable or face a crisis
II. A Man Wrestled with God and Himself - v.24-25a
• Most people will miss God's best for their lives because they 
give up too soon.  
III. A Man was Reclaimed by God - v.25b-32
A. He was a Broken man v.25b-27
B. He was a Blessed Man v.28-30
In the Bible, receiving a new name signifies making a new                                                    beginning.
God’s purpose and Jacob’s blessing are one and the same thing.  
When God rules our lives, then He can trust us with His 
power; for only those who are under His authority have the right to exercise His authority.
C. He was a Branded Man v.31-32
A man with a limp can’t put his full weight on himself.
When a man is walking with the Lord, he will almost always be out of step with the world!
Scars are history written on the body. They are tattoos with better stories.  
The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal.
Scars only come with healing.  They remind us that we were                   wounded, not arewounded.
There Are Wounded Who Choose Not to Heal
Life is hardif it’s not, it should be.

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