Sunday, June 29, 2014

Freedom and Faith

“How blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!”
Psalms 144:15
God’s hand has been evident in America’s past and we need His divine guidance in our present to secure a future of freedom and faith for our children.  Today we look at what God has to say about our relationship with Him and our responsibilities to our country.
Once Christianity is abandoned by a significant portion of the population, the moral landscape necessarily changes.
We are on a path towards a “Post-Christian” America.
Christians have spent too long trying to change the world by controlling the lives of people instead of influencing them and changing their hearts.
I.  The Need for Spiritual Awakening  2 Chronicles 7:14
America was settled by people looking for religious freedom.
In the 1730’s and 40’s, America experienced “The Great Awakening.”
II.   The Framers and Faith  Psalms 33:12
To remove the core of anything is to change its nature.
The responsibility of a Christian citizen in a republic form of government is to elect men and women who know and follow the Lord God.
The problem with America is the same thing that happened to Israel…over-reaching judges have torn apart the core of our society by disregarding the Law of God.
It should be remembered by all Christian citizens that you cannot legislate righteousness. Only a revival can change America.
III. The Citizen and Faith  Matthew 22:21
Jesus declares that each of us has a dual citizenship and infers that there are responsibilities connected to both.
The best way to help both our earthly and heavenly countries is to live out our faith with boldness, compassion, respect and love.
A WORD OF WARNING:  Christians are quickly learning that partisan politics is not Christian politics. Never trust a political party to carry a spiritual banner. Psalms 146:3

The church is truest to its core mission when it is the farthest from the entanglements of power.

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