Sunday, August 19, 2012


Please Be Patient; God's Not Finished With Me Yet!
Philippians 1:6
Learning to grow through grace is a challenge for those who have been under legalistic teaching.  God wants us to know peace even though we are not perfect.  How is that accomplished?
I.  Paul Rejects the Life of Religious Comparison.  Philippians 3:1-7
II.   Paul Received the Acceptance of God in Christ.  Philippians 3:8-11
III. Paul Realized the Weakness of His Flesh.  Philippians 3:12-13a
Real Christianity recognizes its humanity as well as its divinity which leads to humility.
The beginning of change is to recognize our personal failure and need
We are all hypocrites if the definition is not acting like what we really are, but it is our goodness that we don’t show. 
So, being a sinner, how do I live an overcoming and abundant life?  

IV. One Thing that Can Radically Change A Life  Philippians 3:13b-15

A.    Forgetting our past  "Forget what lies behind" v.13
1.     To avoid spiritual pride.
2.     To avoid spiritual apathy.
God is not so concerned with where you have been or what you have done as He is where you ARE and what you are DOING.
Two major problems in Christian perseverance:
1.     Discouragement leading to Defeat
2.     Overestimation leading to Complacency
B.    Focusing on the future"reaching forth to what lies ahead" v.13c
Discipleship is active and aggressive, not passive.
C.    Committing to the goal"I press on toward the goal" v.14
1.     To live in continual victory.
2.     To realize continued spiritual growth.
D.    Listening to God, not man. v.15
One Thing I Do…
These four steps are actually one act – COMMITMENT

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