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Big Life Lessons From A Wee Little Man

Big Life Lessons From A Wee Little Man 

Luke 19:1-10

As Jesus entered Jericho, His One becomes evident. Zacchaeus was seeking Jesus, but what he did not realize is that Jesus was seeking him. It was an exciting day for Zacchaeus as he became a follower of Jesus.

A Lesson on the Emptiness of Wealth

Zacchaeus is a Hebrew name meaning pure or righteous.

In Palestine, tax collectors were Jews who worked for the Roman government collecting taxes from their own people.

Zacchaeus was a traitor to his people.

How Bad Were Tax Collectors Considered To Be?

According to the Jewish code, a tax collector could not votetestify in court; or go into the synagogue.

Riches don’t buy the things that produce internal happiness or joy.

True happiness is found in authentic relationships with others, God and ourselves.

A Lesson on Divine Appointments

The word seek in the New Testament always indicates a diligent effort.

Zacchaeus was not the only one seeking; Jesus was also seeking.

A Lesson on Seizing Opportunity

Jesus not only knew his name, He knew his needs, the ache in his heart ... even his potential!

The purpose of Jesus guided His actions in order to be realized.

Jesus has a purpose for mankind that crosses all manmade barriers whether racial, ethnic, political, or even ethical.

A Lesson on Honesty and Repentance

Spiritual curiosity can open the door for truthful revelation about our life and God.

The word repentance is translated from a Greek word that means a change of mind or attitude. A key aspect of repentance is the willingness to make restitution for the past, as far as possible.

Brokenness is always present in real repentance.

A Lesson on Salvation

Not only had Jesus come into Zacchaeus’ house, but He had come into his heart.

That which is lost is that which is out of place, and therefore, useless and worthless.

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