Sunday, December 6, 2015

Love Came Down

John 3:16-18
Interestingly, in John 3:16-18 we discover the motive, action and purpose of the beautiful gift of Christ.  It is a Christmas verse.
Christmas and Easter are one act of God - It is called redemption.
I. The Source of Christmas – God
The origin and initiative of salvation lie with God.
II. The Spirit of Christmas so loved
“As is His majesty, so is His mercy.”
Christmas is the display of the heart of God as well as the purpose of God and person of God.
III. The Recipients of Christmas the world - John 3:17-20
It was His creation that God so loved. (Grk. cosmos)
The problem of the world is that we are all at war with God from our very nature as sinners.
God is LOVE but God is also HOLY. He must respond to man in His holiness.
Humans are not proved to be human because we sin; it is because we are human that we sin.
IV. The Act of Christmas  that He gave
Love must act if it is to be experienced.
The fact God “gave” rather than “sent” emphasizes sacrifice.
Sacrificial love will create sacrificial giving.

V. The Gift of Christmas  his only begotten son

We can never “out love” nor out give God.

VI. The Purpose of Christmas  that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life

Christmas is not just beautiful and sweet...It is powerful!
God has not condemned man; God only loved him; each man has condemned himself.
To receive Christ is to know the meaning of Christmas and nothing less.
What Does it Mean to “Believe?”
Belief is not just intellectual assent to a truth.  It is changing the source of our thoughts and motives.

The gospel is not merely an invitation; it is a command to repent and trust in the Son of God.  

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