Sunday, November 4, 2018

In the Waiting

John 21:1-7
Waiting on the Lord is one of the most difficult things that a believer will experience in the Christian life. Feelings of doubt and insecurity can cause even the strongest of Christians to give up. However, it is in the waiting that we gain what we need to be who God has fashioned us to be.
      I.        The Temptation to GiveUpIs Greatest When You Feel Like You've Waitedon The Lord Long Enough.
·      Waitingis a regular refrain when living a life of faith in God, but part of waiting is the conscioushardship.
·     All of us have faced the temptation to giveupwhen it seems pointlessto keep trying.  
·     We would do well to remember this truth: Godis at workwhile we are in the waiting. 
·     God uses the frustrations found in our waiting to revealHimself to us and to ultimately changeus. 
    II.     Waiting on The Lord Is Not Just Something We Have to Do to Get What We Want.  The Waiting Is God’s Processfor Us to BecomeWhat God Wants Us to Be.  
·     Your waiting on the Lord is more for what youwill be for othersin Jesus name, more than it is for what you are wanting to get.
3 Lessons found in the waiting of the Disciples…
1.   Goingbackwardswill never fillyour nets with God's blessing.
· Moving backwards makes you work twice as hard with nothing to show for it but emptynets.  
2.  The inabilityto recognize Jesus is usually due to unnecessarydistractions.
3.   Obedience to God’s word leads to blessingand revelation.  
   III.     Any PainExperienced Waiting on the Lord Turns to Joyin The Presence of Jesus. 
·  The joyexperienced after the waiting brings about exuberance.
·  The joyexperienced after the waiting brings about new commitmentto the Lord. 

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