Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Prayer of Jabez - Part 3 | Enlarge My Border!

1 Chronicles 4:10b
God has called all of His children to be ministers of His grace and goodness. Our vision of our field of service limits how widely God can bless others through us.  Jabez knew the work God had done in his life and asked God to allow him an opportunity to be a blessing to many.
Jabez was seeking to live life by the motto, "I want to be more and do more for God."
Territory for us is not earthly possessions it is spiritual opportunities.
When we pray this prayer we are praying for God to:
·      Expand our sphere of influence so we can reach more people
·      Enlarge our responsibility so we can be found more faithful
·      Open more opportunities for ministry so that we can be a used by God

What would God have to expand What would need to happen for us to know the kind of increase Jabez was asking for?

I. Expand our Vision

A. Of Who We Are

Most people and churches are limited by their vision.

Circumstance w/o vision produces boredom

When you lose your vision…
·      you will lose your energy.
·      you will lose your peace.
·      you will lose your joy.
·      you will lose your life.

B. Of Whose We Are

We would rather God work by us rather than through us.

C. Of Those We Serve

II. Expand our Heart

A. The Expanded Heart of Courage to Move Beyond Our Comfort Zone.

B. The Expanded Heart of Love to Inspire Us to Action

Love demands action.

C. The Expanded Heart of Purpose to Increase Our Commitment

Jabez prayer was for opportunity to serve the purpose of God.

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