Sunday, May 6, 2018

Living by the Compass and Not the Clock

Matthew 6:33
The celebration of faithfulness that we have each year for our faithful seniors should cause to consider just what has enabled these individuals to remain dedicated to Christ and the kingdom.
At the core of faithfulness is good character.
We make decisions that violate our principleswhen we act out of emotion.
ConsumerChristianity is following Christ or being a part of a church with a single purpose in mind: To Get My NeedsMet.
The church was never to be an inwardfocused people looking to meet their own needs. We were to always be an upwardfocused people looking to love God and others extravagantly.

I. Follower vs.Disciple?

It is possible to be a followerand not a disciple.

"Followers" are servantsof no-one.

A disciple is one who shares the passion,purposeand programof the master.

II. Living by the Compassand Not the Clock Matthew 6:33

Many a vision of the accomplishment of great things has been burned on the altar of the tyrannyof the urgent.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Jesus is calling on all who follow to “Count the Cost” before committing.  

III. Faithfulness Adjusts Lifeto Commitment

Life changes the scopeand requirementof any commitment.

Those who are faithful discover how much greater the blessingeven though there is a greater cost

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