Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fair Is Not Always Equal Outline

Fair Is Not Always Equal
Numbers 7:1-9

“Is life fair?” I think most would agree that it is not. However, there is a question that is far more difficult, “Is God fair?” Does He love everyone the same and treat them equally? If so, why do some people seem to have it easier in life than others?

·   This division of equality from fairness defines how God works in each of our lives in a way that is just, righteous, and true.

·   True equality spread around our world today would mean that you, as an American, would receive less, not more.  

·   God transcends nationality and works in the lives of His creation with true fairness, not equality.

I.    The Levites Were Divided Into Three Major Family Groups and Given Specific Responsibilities.

·   Life cannot be fully evaluated from a single aspect.

II.    The Wagons and Oxen Were Given to Each Group According to the Burden they had to Bear.

The presence of many oxen and wagons can mean the presence of heavy burdens.

·   God is fair; with those wagons come added responsibilities and burdens because to whom much is given, much is required.

The absence of oxen and wagons isn’t God being unfair; It is God drawing us close.

·   Be on guard lest these blessings or the blessings of others distract you from walking with Jesus in simplicity of heart. 

How do you perceive the appearance of unfairness in your life?

·   God is sovereign. He can do as He pleases. And what He pleases will always be right, just, and fair.

·   You will be rewarded for your faithfulness to the task which God has given you to perform, regardless of how unfair it may look to you and everyone else.

Different seasons of life call for different ways of bearing the burdens.

·   We question how people bear the burdens they do, it’s because they have been given what is necessary to do so.

·   God has you in the place that is best for you right now, even if you don’t understand.

·   Our God is fair; He makes sure everyone has what they need to be who He has called them to be. 

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