Thursday, November 24, 2011

Share the Bounty Part IV

I am thankful for my mommy and my daddy and my family and friends.  Morgan C.  I am thankful for my husband and children.  Kim C.  I am thankful for my beautiful wife and children.  Jason C.  I love my family.  Morgan C.

Lee and I thank God for Penny and Belle Stone.  They are such an inspiration to us and always a witness for our Lord.  We do love those two.  

Gloria and Lee West

Bro. Schreiber was a great warrior for the Lord and always a faithful friend.  Even when his thoughts were mixed and he was in Santa Fe rest home, he could say the sweetest prayers.  What a precious memory.

Lee and Gloria West

Over the past year I have recognized God’s blessing and bounty in my life specifically in the area of relationship with God and recognizing a deeper understanding of His Word and my life with His purpose.

In 2009, a new Weight Watchers meeting began here at North Side Baptist.  I was chosen to be the receptionist for the meeting.  Through that Weight Watchers meeting I came to know and love North Side Baptist Church.  I started visiting and experiencing a worship like nothing I have ever been involved with.  I thank the Lord for His salvation and for this wonderful church!  

Margaret Smith

My Mimi brings me to church and I love the music and love Bro. Van.  I am thankful for church!  

Cheyenne Smith

I am thankful for this church and my Sunday school class (Agape).  They are wonderful friends and prayer warriors.  Another thanksgiving is for the choir.  I’ve been in many choirs through the years and this is the greatest choir of all.  Gary is a great director.  The Homebound Ministry is great.  I visit Doris Tyre and she is a true joy.  North Side is a great place to serve the Lord.  

Maryln Hollingshead

My wife and I have been visiting NSBC for about 5 or 6 weeks.  We have felt so loved and welcome here.  We feel like NSBC is home already and we’re still visiting.  We feel that missions are very important and we are impressed by the amount of missions at NSBC.  I was hesitant to come here because it is a big church.  You are a big church in number but very personable.  We are looking forward to serving here. 

J.D. and Charlotte Lee

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