Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Power of the Word of God

Psalm 138:2

Scripture is the revelation of God throughout history, and it proves to be authoritative and powerful. In the same way that there is no higher authority or power in an earthly kingdom than a king; in God’s kingdom, there is no higher authority or power that one can appeal to that is greater or more powerful than the Word of God.

 I.The Bible is the Inspired Word of God.

·         In this sense of the term, "inspiration" means divinely guided, but a more literal meaning would be “God-breathed”.
2 Tim. 16-17

·         Every major religion in the world has their form of the sacred writings, but none of their books even compare to the real deal.

·         Adam – Man

·         Seth – Appointed

·         Enosh – Mortal

·         Kenan – Sorrow

·         Mahalalel – The Blessed God

·         Jared – Shall Come Down

·         Enoch – Teaching

·         Methuselah – His Death Shall Bring

·         Lamech – Despairing

·        Noah – Comfort and Rest

II.The Bible Induces the Work of God. 

·         Anytime that God desires to do something on earth, he does so through a channel, or an agent for his purposes.

·         No one is ever saved apart from the instrumentality in some way of the incorruptible, imperishable Word of God.

·         Not only is the Word of God an incorruptible seed that has power to produce spiritual life, the Word of God is the power; therefore, it will not return back to God empty, but will permanently impact and powerfully affect anyone who hears it.

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