Sunday, December 31, 2023

“Live Like Jesus”

“Live Like Jesus”

John 5:19-20 CSB

Key Truth: “A Christ-centered life is living so that the personality and deeds of Jesus Christ naturally flow out of us wherever we livework and play.”

Main Question: What makes Jesus worthy of following and why should we imitate Him? 

1.    Jesus lived a life of submission(vs. 19)

2.    Jesus lived a life of obedience(vs. 20a)

3.    Jesus lived a life of ministry(vs. 20b)

After the Message: 
Read John 17:1-26. In this high priestly prayer, what is Jesus’ relationship to the Father? What is the Father and the Son’s relationship with believers? What is the mission of believers in the world? What obstacles will believers face as they live like Jesus?




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