Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Cry for Restoration

Psalm 80
For hundreds of years Israel had enjoyed the unmatched favor of God. But golden dreams had disintegrated into filthy ashes because Israel forgot God. Overnight Israel had gone from blessing to bondage.  Listen to what Asaph asked God to do for Israel and ask God to do this for America.

I. Remind Us of Your Goodness  Psalms 80:8

A. This Vine Was Sovereignly Planted  Psalms 80:9

B. The Vine Was Supernaturally Prosperous  Psalms 80:10-11

C. The Vine was Scorched by Sin  Psalms 80:14-16

Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a disgrace to any people. Proverbs 14:34

·  Righteousness Implies Sovereignty.  Psalm 98:2 

·  Righteousness Implies a Standard  Psalm 119:142

·  Righteousness Implies Confidence  Proverbs 29:2

As surely as righteousness exalts a nation, sin destroys it.
The problem with America is not the government but the culture; not the politicians but the populace.
The real power behind the immorality of the nation is not the government but the media.

II. Restore Us to Your Grace

A. There Was No Response to their Supplication  Psalms 85:4

Grace is not leniency toward sin.

We don't need to be praying for revival to come to America. We need to be praying for repentance to come to America.

Prayer is never a smoke screen for repentance.

B. There Was No Rest for Their Trouble  Psalms 80:5

C. There Was No Respect for Their Reputation  Psalms 80:6  

Our problem is not just the presence of sin; it is the absence of God. Psalms 80:14  

When God is minimized, sin is maximized.  Psalms 80:12  

III. Restore Us for Your Glory  Psalms 80:19

The word restore literally means "to turn."

Restoration is for the sake of man.

Revival is for the sake of God.

The Proper Sequence of Renewal: First, there is repentance, then there is restoration, then there is revival, and then there is rejoicing.  

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