Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father’s Day Is No Joke

Father’s Day Is No Joke

Genesis 5:3 

You were created in the image of a holy God, but you were also born in the likeness of sinful man. It is this paradox that forms the basis of our identity as human beings. Jesus Christ is the only person capable of offering a solution to the human condition.  

Every human being on planet earth lives with the enigma of the double image: Made in the image of God; born in the likeness of Adam

 I.Sin Is Inherited At Birth

·  Sin separates people from God.

There is no doctrine more repugnant to the natural mind of mankind than knowing you are a sinner in need of a Savior.

·  Sin is a destructive power.

Sin is more than a list of things you have done wrong

II.Sin Leaves Us In Need Of A Savior

·  Common grace restrains sin. 

·  Common grace explains how a man can be totally depraved and yet still commit acts that are, in some sense, “good.” 

·  Common grace is not saving grace.

Faith At Home Questions
What is sin and what is grace?
Will “doing good things” be enough to get us into Heaven?

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