Sunday, March 21, 2021

Fear This! Part 2


Fear This! Part 2
Luke 12:4-5

Understanding God’s Wrath

God was not wrathful when there was no sin. God’s wrath is not an essential aspect of his character. Rather, God’s wrath is the product of God’s holiness and justice.

The “Fear of The Lord” is a fear of this holy and just God’s response to sin and unrepentant sinners.

  I. Defining the “Fear of the Lord

·   The Hebrew and Greek words for “fear” and “reverence” vary.

·   The "fear of the Lord" should include a place for "trembling.”

A proper "fear of the Lord" would then include...

·   Reverence and Awe

·   Being afraid to offend God in any way.

·   A trembling and quaking if one knows they have offended God and have not obtained forgiveness.

II. The Importance of the "Fear of the Lord

·   Hope springs from confidence in a powerful God.

·   I sense truth when I see God.

·   I rest in the power of this great God!

·   My life is insecure when I try to please men.

·   God is never changing.

·   Life becomes simple when I follow God.

Without the "fear of the Lord"...

·   We close ourselves to the treasures of God's wisdom and knowledge!

·   We will flirt with evil and be corrupted by it.

·   Our lives are likely to be shortened by our refusal to heed God's word.

·   We will not come to know the love of God that gives us assurance and confidence of our salvation.

·   When fallen into sin, we will not be motivated to repent and turn to God!

·   We will not be motivated to truly "work out our own salvation!”

III. Developing the "Fear of the Lord”

·   The "fear of the Lord" comes through the Word of God!

·   The Word of God, properly used, will maintain a proper balance between the Fear of God and the Love of God.

·   Disciples who follow the Master will find the course demanding requiring effort and dedication each day.

IV. Wise People Still Fear God Jeremiah 5:22a

·   The fear of the wrath of God eternally for unbelievers drives men to repentance at the Cross. 

·   The fear of losing the presence of God through unrighteousness should drive believers to repentance as well.

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