Sunday, January 21, 2018

Love Without Limits

Matthew 5:43-48
When Jesus shared what we call The Sermon on the Mount, I’m certain there were many who walked away shaking their heads and questioning whether they had really heard what they just heard. It was especially true when He brought up the subject of the disciples’ response to those who oppose them.
The Sermon on the Mount literally turned religion outside in!

  I.     The Old Love with its Limitsv.43

The word hate in this instance can be better interpreted as “to despise” or even “dismiss as of value.”  In other words…prejudice.

Enemies for the Christian are not those they hate but those who hate them.

 II.     The New Command to Love Beyond Human Ability – v.44

The Greek language has four distinct words for love:

1.       Eros - sensual or sexual love.

2.       Storge - family love

3.        Fileo - strong affection or brotherly love

4.       Agape - Divine love

·       It is Godlike love that issues from the will, not the emotions.

·       It is love that cannot be bought or won or lost.

III.     The Method of Loving – Luke 6:27-28

·       Words of love - Bless those who curse you.

·       Actions of love - Do good to them that hate you.

·       Attitudes of Love-  Pray for those who mistreat you.

IV.     The Reasons for Loving – v.45-47

1.       To reflect the spirit and example of God v.45

3.       To reveal the distinctiveness of Christianity v.47

A love which limits itself to friends and neighbors is no love at all; it is essentially selfishness. 

4.       To open the door for the gospel v.48

The gospel in word should be introduced by the gospel in flesh.

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