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The Church I Want to Belong To Part 7


The Church I Want to Belong To Part 7
Galatians 6:9-10 

Scripture, life experiences, and nature teach us that we reap the full harvest of the good only through persistent effort. This applies to both our personal lives as well as the Body of Christ. The church I want to belong to is a Church that Stays Faithful to The Task.   

The Church I Want to Belong To Stays Faithful to The Task

Galatians 6:9 contains both a Promise ... we will reap and a Prerequisite ... if we do not grow weary.  To receive the full fruit of our labors, we must persevere.

Complacencyneglect, or wrong priorities can take their toll on anything.

The Challenge of Persevering

Persevere - Doggedness, steadfastness, persistence, tenacity - all of these imply a resolute and unyielding grasp and completion of a course of action.

Doing good works will not come naturally or easily.

·  The peril of discouragement - Let us not lose heart in doing good.

Discouragement - when things don't happen the way WE think they should.

·  The prospect of weariness - if we do not grow weary

Well doing often produces emotional and physical exhaustion. Today, we call it "burn-out.”

Good works never seem to have a point of completion.

Good works often carry a pressure of timeliness.

The word "opportunity" in v.10 is the same as the word "due time" in v.9.  It means a limited amount of time, a decisive period.

·  The problem of waiting… in due time

·  The promise of the harvest we will reap

Persevering In Working

"To know and not do is not yet to know."

"The problem of the average believer today is not a lack of knowledge, but the application of truths he already knows."   - Lawrence

Perseverance is not just waiting things out but working things out.

Persevering In Weeding

We do not dare let weeds grow in our own garden while we seek to hoe them out of others.

·  Tyranny of the Urgent

Be intentional with your time.

When we persevere, we will ... Isaiah 40:29-31

Mount up with wings like eagles…

Run and not be weary

Shall walk and not faint

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