Sunday, April 21, 2024

Strongholds - “Guilt”



2 Samuel 11:1-27; 12:1-15 (CSB)


The “Dynamic" Nature of Salvation: 
have been saved — I am being saved — I will be saved.


Key Truth: “Eliminating obstacles to faith clears a pathway to live The Jesus Way.”


Guilt- “A feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, or wrong, whether real or imagined.”

Main Question: How does guilt shackle us to our past and how can we break free to move forward in life?    

1.    David sinned(2 Samuel 11:1-17; 26-27)



2.    David’s sin was exposed(2 Samuel 12:1-12)



3.    David confessed his guilt(2 Samuel 12:13a)



4.    David’s guilt was forgiven(2 Samuel 12:13b -15)

After the Message: Read Romans 8:1-11. What does it mean to live in the freedom that comes in Christ? What should we pursue as a result?


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