Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love Is…

Learning to Love like Jesus Loved
I Corinthians 13
The word “Love” has been described as one of the most over used words in the English language.  Even Christians can be quick to declare our love for things that are not deserving.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of what real, life-giving love is.  The Apostle Paul helps us with this in our text for today.
Words of Love
·      We are limited by our language to an extent.
·      Phileo – Brotherly love
·      Eros – Romantic, Emotional, affectionate love
·      Agape – Selfless, Sacrificial love

The Context
·      The church at Corinth was started during Paul’s second missionary journey.
·      Corinth was an extremely worldly city.
·      The church at Corinth was given many spiritual gifts.

The Excellency of Love
·      Patience
·      Kindness
·      Not jealous
·      Does not act unbecomingly
·      Does not seek its own
·      Is not provoked
·      Does not take into account a wrong suffered
·      Does not rejoice in unrighteousness
·      Rejoices in the truth

Observations on Agape Love
·      It is not grounded in emotion
If we let our emotions determine who we love, we will never love the way Jesus loved.
·      It is active and intentional
·      It is sacrificial
·      It is grace-filled

·      It is heavenly love

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