Monday, July 31, 2017


Submitted by Lara Cook
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin! Psalm 51:2

As I worked outside yesterday in the yard, the sky began a gentle rumbling in the distance.  I could see the clouds but so many times at our house, the rain starts off down in the valley and sweeps past our house without even a sprinkle.  I could see the rain start and move slowly across our land until eventually it was raining a slow, steady, gentle rain.  I didn’t bother to go in because I was enjoying the soft and gentle on my skin and the smell was incredible.  I realized that I had probably not been outside voluntarily in the rain since I was a kid.  It brought back a flood of memories of playing in the rain as a child.  I sat down on the warm wet sidewalk and just relished everything. The sight of the bright green fields against the blue gray sky, the feel of the rain, and smell of the wet earth. 
The sky cleared up and the rain moved out as quickly as it came in, barely making a difference in the parched ground.  I went back to work and soon I looked up and noticed that the sky on the other side of the house was looking stormy.  Again, I really didn’t think anything would come of it besides the threatening sound of thunder.  But again, the thunder rumbled and this time there was a different feel.  The wind was different as it shifted and the air became cooler.  Not uncomfortable, but different.  It was blustery, blowing stuff here and there.  It felt stormy, but not dangerous.  Stormy enough that I felt like something was happening, but did not feel in danger.  The sky was becoming darker and then the rain came again, this time it was much more sudden and the drops were big.  It was not a gentle rain, but a stinging rain.  A cleansing rain.  A purifying rain. It was the kind of rain that makes a difference. 
Two rainstorms - one hour.  One gentle – tenderly cleansing dirt from my skin and my soul.  One stinging and pelting, scrubbing my skin and my soul.  Cleansing, cleaning.  It made me think of the beautiful cleansing grace and forgiveness of God, how He sweeps over our souls like a gentle rain, washing all the sin away.  The second rain reminded me of His cleansing power and how we just need it over and over again.  Every day and sometimes more than once a day.  It felt so good to just stand there, letting it strike my skin.  It made me feel alive and like something was happening.  I was getting washed off.  I wasn’t just getting wet like I had from the previous gentle rain.  It was a wonderful feeling – a feeling I had forgotten.  I could have stayed there all day, but eventually my poor, confused husband tapped on the window, gesturing to me to come in.
The rain felt so good to me because I felt so dirty.  It felt so good because I wanted to be washed, but not just my skin, I wanted my heart washed.  Jesus will wash our hearts anytime we ask.  This I know, but that experience was just what I needed.  I needed to really feel that rain on my skin and in that moment, I felt the cleansing power of Jesus’ grace and it was amazing.  He knew I needed that example to make me remember because honestly, lately I have felt like I cannot get away from the sins of my past.  Sins that He has forgiven, but I have not let go of.  That rain was a gentle, but strong reminder of His cleansing grace, and it was also a reminder for me of how refreshing and good that feeling is. 

Things get dirty.  People get dirty – over and over again.  We need cleansing - over and over again.  I am so thankful for the time I spent that day remembering.  I am thankful that I did not go running in to get away from the rain.  I would not have that strong reminder of God’s grace and goodness, and oh how I needed it. 
Scripture to Claim:
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. 
Psalm 51:7

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