Sunday, November 27, 2022

Promised Hope

Sunday, November 27, 2022 

Promised Hope

The advent season is a chance to really focus and prepare our hearts and minds on Christ and all that His birth means for us. Not a ‘reason for the season’ but a directing of my heart and actions towards this belief: He is good, He is trustworthy.

Creation - Marked by Its Order and Purpose; And Characterized By Its Harmony

The purpose of humanity is clear. 

God placed humanity in the garden and described the natural order
God described the supernatural order with Him as the boundary maker.  

The Fall and Its Effect

God has an enemy who seeks to harm God through the destruction of His creation.  

In one act harmony was exchanged for brokenness

Where there was once perfect harmony, we introduced complete brokenness by our rebellion.

God’s Faithfulness and Compassion

In the depths of mankind’s despair God responds with love and a Promised Hope.

The Promised Hope

Adam and Eve were able to endure, b/c they had a Promised Hope in the form of a Rescuer.

Hope has a source that is stronger than my present circumstance.

Hope Delivered

Excitement of the Rescuer’s arrival 

Just as Adam and Eve were clothed with the body of the first sacrifice to cover their guilt and                   shame, we have the offer from Jesus to be covered by the righteousness of His perfect sacrifice1 Peter 3:18

Spreading Hope

We need an urgency in sharing this great hope that is offered as a remedy for the greatest need of all people. 

We are also to encourage one another, and to be a conduit of hope to one another, in the various trials our fellow believers are enduring.


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