Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life’s Dangerous Moments

II Chronicles 20:1-30
The story of Jehoshaphat and the Valley of Beracah gives us a prescription for dealing with fear in an impossible situation. 
I. Realize the Problem is Bigger than You Are v.1-2
Don’t fear fear.
·       Fear can lead to worry or faith.
·       Fear can lead to paralysis or analysis.
·       Fear can lead to fight or flight.
II. Call Out to God v.3-5
Prayer was not the last step but the first.
Fear will try to isolate you from others.
Friends undergird you. 
III. Get a Proper Vision of God v.6-11
·       He is Omnipresent v.6a
·       He is Omnipotent v.6b-7a
·       He is a Covenant God  v.7b-9
·       He is Sovereign v.10-11
IV. Ask God to Act on Your Behalf v.12
Praying offensively instead of defensively is not forbidden in the Bible.
V. Wait for God to Speak v.13-15
VI. Listen to God’s Direction v.16-17
Give your expectations to God and let Him determine how to meet your enemy.
VII. Praise God Before the Victory  v.18-19
Praise will overcome doubt every time.
VIII. Act in Faith on God’s Direction v.20-21
Obedience is the evidence of real faith.
IX. Watch God at Work v.23-24
X. Walk in Victory Over Your Fear v.25-30

The Valley of Beracah means the Valley of Blessing.

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