Sunday, January 6, 2019

For You Have Not Passed That Way Before

Joshua 3
God’s people were right on the edge of the Promised Land. They had been here before and a generation had passed. What would make this time different than the last?  

I. Recognize Opportunity  v.1a
To neglect God's timing is to neglect His design for the accomplishment of His will.
It is vision and purpose that change the everyday circumstances of life into "opportunities". 
The question is not whether or not we are meeting needs, but whether or not we are realizing our mission in reaching people. 

II. Take Time to Prepare  v.1c
To rush in without a plan and coordinated effort is to invite chaos and confusion

III. Share the Vision  v.2-4a 
Leadership that Shares the Burden Communicates the Vision and Directs the Work.

IV. Secure Commitment  v.5 
"Consecrate" - set apart, sanctify, lay aside for holy purpose
True Consecration to God will most always be commitment to a task, not a feeling

V. Step Out in Faith  v.6-17b
We will move into our potential corporately when we accept our responsibility individually

VI. Follow Through  v.17c
Leadership demands that there be “followship.”

The Decision to Follow God:

  1. Demands accepting His direction based on the needs He places about us.
  2. Demands full faith in His perspective and power, not our own wisdom and programs.
  3. Demands acceptance of change in ourselves and our church to meet the needs of our mission field. 

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