Sunday, August 11, 2019

Bring It On!

James 1:1-4
·       God’s blessing through trials is not a randomacton His part.
·       That which changes an oppressive circumstance of life from burdento blessing is faith in God’s sovereignpurpose.
·       God does not merely deliver us from trials but empowersus for His purpose.
Stepping Past Your Fear

James’ IrrationalMessage – Find joy when you are surrounded by troubleJames 1:2
·       The Greek words “consider itall joy” speak of trials being the potentialfor joy and not merely an emotionof joy.
·      It is the eyes of wisdomand faiththat perceive the positivefuture of a struggler
James’ Rationalefor the Irrational Message – Recognize every opportunityto be equippedfor future blessings!  James 1:3-4
·      The faith God wants to instill within each believer is a "NEVERTHELESS" kind of faith.  Circumstancesnever influence this kind of faith.
·       There is no such thing as development without resistance. Dynamic faith is when you and I give trials a chance to shapeus and makeus, not breakus.
·       God does not want to give us a victorybut to equip us to live victoriously!
·       We develop enduranceby repeatedly being tested and prevailing.
·       Confidence in our ability to handle pressurein life comes from having been tested and persevering.  The result is “HOPE” in trial!  Romans 5:3-4

·       Patience, sometimes referred to as longsuffering, originates from God, and is part of the Fruitof the Spirit.

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