Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Prayer of Jabez | Turning Pain into Gain

1 Chronicles 4:9-10
We can learn a lot from studying the prayers of the Bible. Over the next four weeks we will examine the four parts of this very special prayer which was brought to worldwide recognition by Dr. Bruce Wilkerson in the book The Prayer of Jabez.  Today we will focus on the man who prayed the prayer and how he went from pain to gain.

Three Spiritual Truths About Your Life:
1.   For every person born there is a special spirit and soul.
2.   For every life there is a purpose, direction and reason.
3.   God wants to work out His plan in our lives.

Lessons from the Life of Jabez
I.      Your Past Does Not Have to Determine Your Present
1 Chronicles 4:9b
“Jabez” in the Hebrew means “One who causes pain.”
Childhood labels can lead to adult liabilities.
Parents are not just giving correction, they are developing identity.
Life wants to give everyone a label.
People remember the remarkable whether positive or negative.
One moment or circumstance does not have to define our lives.

II.     Your Present Can Determine Your Future  1 Chronicles 4:9a
It is said that the difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the willingness to do the "extra."
We try so hard to be accepted instead of exceptional.
Being honorable speaks to the character, responsibility and respect of the person.

III.   Your Prayer Life Can Change Your Whole Life  1 Chronicles 4:10
It is not prayer that changes your life but God who gains access to your life through prayer that makes the difference.
The Jabez challenge…Live the life God has ordained for you, not someone else!

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