Wednesday, September 25, 2019

One Last Thing

Do this in remembrance of me.  I Corinthians 11:24  

At the Last Supper with His disciples, Christ asked them to regularly recall His sacrifice on the cross.  He wanted them, and He wants us to remember what He did, but also what we did by accepting the gift He gave – the gift of salvation.
Memory is powerful.  In fact, we don’t really give memory enough credit for its power over us.  Our memories are rich because they are formed through associations. When we experience an event, our brains tie the sights, smells, sounds, and our impressions together into a relationship.  Basically, memories are a little bit of what makes us who we are.  They help form habits, values, and influence our hopes and fears as well.  
Salvation is an emotional moment and one of which most of us have a strong memory. Recognition of ourselves as sinners, confession of our sin, awareness of the gift of Christ, acceptance of Christ and the relief of salvation are the events that change our lives forever. Anyone who has recognized their separation from God knows of what he speaks whether they were saved at 9 or 90. We need to remember what it was like to know separation and condemnation.  Memory about the way life was or could have been can keep us from condemning and criticizing others who have not discovered the riches of Christ.  
Christ wants us to remember what He did, but also what we did.  Our commitment to Christ involved a promise to follow His Lordship.   Remembering our salvation, we are immediately aware of our confession and commitment. Jesus told His disciples to “never forget” the blood and the body. Never forget the power of sin and death.  Never forget the threat of the one who destroys.  Of all that He had done, the miracles, signs, and wonders He had shown them, it is the sacrifice that He calls them to remember. 
Remember who and WHOSE you are.  Through our salvation, we have been adopted by God. No more than an orphan can demand that he be adopted by a certain parent can we demand that God make us His child.  We are HIS children by HIS positioning and choice…not our own.  We cannot change who we are. But He can and did!  Remembering what God did for me and who I am because of Him, motivates me to serve Him out of my love and commitment to Him.  Serving helps me remember and keeps me in fellowship with Him. 
Not only do we need to remember the sacrifice and salvation He gave us, but we need to remember every good thing He has done for us in our life.  We need to share what He has done for us with others so they can know His goodness too. He has released us from the bondage of sin, He has regenerated us through His power in Christ, He has received us into His family with His inheritance, and He uses us for His glory and purpose when we allow Him to.  He has given us the best gift anyone could ever give us and every day we need to remember all He has done. 

But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.  Isaiah 53:5

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