Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Importance of the Word of God

Psalms 119:9-16
The Christian who determines to know the power of God in life soon discovers the importance of the Word of God in Living. The Word of God does more than just reveal God. It is the instrument of God in our life to accomplish His will. It is the source of Divine comfort, direction, wisdom, and power.
The effectiveness of the Word of God in our lives is directly related to our relationship to it.

I. The Importance of Listening to God's Word  v.9-10

A. With a sincere desire to hear from God  v.10a

For God’s Word to have in impact on our lives an open mind is needed as well as an open heart.

B. With a commitment to follow God's will  v.10b

Our sin nature makes us “wanderers”.

II. The Importance of Memorizing God's Word  v.11a

A. To have power over our sin nature  v.11b

God will use the INPUT to alter OUTPUT. 

B. To submit to Godly instruction  v.12

When the Word reaches the heart it creates a desire for learning.

C. To prepare for service and witness  v.13

You don't realize what you know until you start to share.

D. To value and rejoice in God’s wisdom  v.14

III. The Importance of Meditating on God's Word  v.15-16

A. To gain a respect for God's ways  v.15b

Receiving truth from another is not the same as DISCOVERING truth for yourself.

B. To naturally follow in joyful obedience v.16a

C. To never forget God’s design and desire  v.16b

In order to understand the Bible,
you must know the author.

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