Sunday, January 10, 2016

Authentic Christianity

“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit” Matthew 5:3
“Authentic” – 1. not false or copied; genuine; real: 2. having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; verified: 3. being what it claims to be
In the Beatitudes, Christ draws his followers aside and begins to share about the special kingdom that he is establishing.  Jesus paints the picture of an Authentic Believer.
Few things in this world have been counterfeited as much as Christianity.
Christ wanted His followers to know what the Kingdom man IS as well as DOES.
"Blessed are the poor in spirit" v.3a
The Greek word for poor” means abject and complete destitution.
“in spirit” does not change the meaning of "poor," it merely defines and directs it.
There must be an emptying of our lives before there can be a filling. We must become poor in spirit before we can become rich in God's blessings.
Poor in Spirit is the opposite of Pride...self-assurance, self-reliance.
To be poor in spirit, we discard ideas of our own goodness and spiritual self-sufficiency, or any other thing that stands between us and God.
Humility is not the putting down of our personal qualities but being unpretentious about our life.
A proper vision of God and self will result in being “poor in spirit”.
The natural response of meeting God is brokenness.
Always remember, God's desire is to lift us up, not keep us down.
"For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" v.3a
The Kingdom of Heaven is the consequence of being poor in spirit, not a reward for it.
Kingdom of Heaven = Wherever God is reigning.
To possess the Kingdom is to be possessed by God.

As "pride is the root of all evil", so "poor in spirit" is the foundation for all spiritual blessing.

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