Sunday, August 23, 2015

“And When They Had Prayed...”

Acts 4:23-35

The church is not only supernatural in its origin, but should also be supernatural in its operation.
What is not supernatural will be superficial.
God’s Process of Preparing Disciples

I. Spontaneous Praise Leads to Prayer  v23-24a

Under pressure they formed a prayer meeting - we form a committee.

People are willing to go, teach, preach, sing or do most anything before they will spend time in earnest prayer.

II. The Sovereignty of God is Confessed  v24-28

God's Sovereignty is seen in:

·             Creation of all things – v 24

·             Control of all things v 27-28

III. The Servanthood of Man is Understood  v29-30

The Greek word for servants” is "bondslave" – one purchased for life.

IV. The Shaking of God’s Presence is Experienced  v31a 

Persons who pray are often more aware of the presence of God than those who have failed to pray.

V. Spiritual Power is Received  v31b

The filling of the Spirit came as a consequence of prayer-Though they did not pray for the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

The union and unity among the people played a special part.

VI. The Sharing of God’s Word Results  v31c

Those filled with the Spirit pour out the Spirit.

VII. Sacrifice for God’s Purpose Is Now the Natural Response  v32b-35

The Preparation for Service: Prayer FillingSharing Sacrifice

Fellowship, Evangelism, Giving, and Ministry are the natural effects of the living presence of God in the life of a believer.

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