Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Place of Faith Designated: “There”

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times
1 Kings 17:1-24
There will be times in every one of our lives when we will experience a need of some type.  What are we to do when needs arise?  While the natural reaction is to worry, we know that this is not God's will for our lives.  God will lead us to places where He will prove Himself to us and test our faith.
A need is not a problem.  A problem is something we can work out with our own abilities and resources.
A need exists when we have exhausted every resource and we are left with the reality of our own inability staring us in the face.
The things that test our faith are seldom announced in advance.
I. The Varied Causes Of Our Needs
A.    Service to God v1-7
B.    Actions of Others and Natural Disasters v9-12
Relationships invite trouble.
C.    The Loss of One We Love v17-18
II. The Complete Supply of Our God
Your need is merely the evidence of God's supply for you in waiting.
A.    God's Past Preparations v3-4
God never tests a man without providing him the resources to pass the test.
B.    God's Present Supply v6
C.    God's Promise for Tomorrow  v14
God's promises are our assurance that God will meet every demand of life - the expected and the unexpected.
III. The Process For Getting Our Needs Met
A.    There Must Be Faith in the Will of God v3
The place called THERE”.   
B.    There Must Be Faith in the Ways of God v9, 13-16
If God could be figured out, He would be too small to help.
C.    There Must Be Faith in the Word of God v14
D.    There Must Be Faith in the Wonder of God. v17-24
When we get beyond "God could and God might", and we come to the place where we become confident that "God can and God will", then we will see our attitude and our situation change.

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