Sunday, October 13, 2013

“And Besides This Add to Your Faith” (Part 9)

Stairway of Christian Character
II Peter 1:5-7
Godliness means more than religious profession and proper conduct; it also means the reality and power of a vital union with God.
True religion is the outward display of an inward faith. 
Godliness is not a function of the will but the soul.
True godliness is a response to grace, not law.
The godly person operates out of reverence for the Father.
You don’t have to change the way you talk or use religious language for God to hear you.
I. The Path of the Godly  v.1 
The godly man is separated in his walk of life.
·      He doesn’t Believe like the wicked.
·      He doesn’t Behave like the wicked
·      He doesn’t Belong with the wicked
II. The Pleasure of the Godly  v.2 
The godly man is saturated with the Word of God.
·      The Word Has Captured His Full Affection
·      It Has Captured His Full Attention  
III. The Prosperity of the Godly  v.3 
The godly man succeeds through the care of God.

·      His Prominencea tree

·      His Permanencefirmly planted

·      His Position – by the streams of water

·      His Productivityyields its fruit

·      His PredictabilityIn his season
·      His Perpetuityleaf does not wither
·      His Prosperity –  and in whatever he does, he prospers   

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