Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Eye in the Storm

Mark 4:35-41

The Sea of Galilee is a sparkling jewel in the northern part of Israel.  For the disciples who were caught in a sudden storm on the sea, Jesus did an astounding thing.  There are sudden storms that rock our boats in life as well.  From their experience we learn some things that can help us in the sudden storms that come in our lives. 


I.      Bad Storms Happen to Good People - v.37
Although the Son of God is on the boat, it is no guarantee against a sudden storm.
The fact that we live in a fallen world with fallen people means we will deal with trouble in life.
II.    Storms Bring Waves of Doubt - v.38a
Panic overrides reason and perspective.
When God does not act as we think He should our initial reaction is to question His power.

The Doubts of Fear and Panic

1.     They Doubted His Concern - do You not care
2.     They Doubted His Commitment - we are perishing
3.     They Doubted His Course - Let us go over to the other side."
III.   Storms Serve to Turn Us to Jesus - v.38b
Storms Force Us to Choose; Fear or Faith
When fear comes, faith is challenged.
Fear and faith coexist.  Psalms 56:3
When the storm comes in our lives, the Savior is looking for us to look to him.
IV.  Storms Cannot Cover the Sound of Our Cries - Isaiah 59:1
Though the storm may cover the sound of our voices, it cannot silence the cry of our heart to God!
V.    Storms Don’t Last Forever - v.39
Every storm loses its power; especially when the Creator calls for it to cease.
“It shall come to pass” (Acts 2:17 KJV)
VI.  Storms Affect More Than Just Us - v.36
I love to hear a good testimony, but I hate to make one.  
VII. Storms are Subject to the Sovereign - v.41
That boat could not sink because God’s plan for the world was on it.
God’s purpose for our lives is not affected by whims, accidents, circumstances, illnesses, and evil. God works through these to bring about His will.
Fear turned to awe at the work of the Master.

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