Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walking & Talking with Jesus

Colossians 2:6-8
Jesus the master teacher shared truths about God and the path He blesses as he walked with His disciples.  The places they traveled and events they experienced each day taught them a little more about God as Jesus interpreted their world to them.
Jesus’ disciples seldom sat under formal instruction but learned as apprentices.

I. Be careful that you’re not a negative influence. Luke 17:1-3a

The Christian is responsible to be a guide, not a stumbling block.

Jesus speaks of being responsible not only for the sins we commit, but even the sins we cause.

It is the sins of attitude we find so common among Christians.

II. Be willing to forgive those who have hurt you but have repented.  Luke 17:3b-6

How To Handle Being Hurt By Other Christians….

1.     By being willing to lovingly confront the person v.3b

We all have blind spots.

Rebuke is loving revelation with a desire for restoration.

Important Points about Rebuke

“Talking about” is not rebuke.

”Talking to” is not rebuke either.

Sharing with” is the proper attitude.

While not to rebuke is to sin – so is not to receive one.

2.     By extending forgiveness immediately to the person who hurt you, if they repent v.3c

We need to recognize that forgiveness is as much for our benefit as it is for the offender. 

3.     By being ready to forgive repeated failures  v.4

True repentance means there is no intent to commit the offense again, not that a person won’t ever fail again in the same area.

4.      By Recognizing that forgiveness is not a matter of ability but of willingness

We don’t need some supernatural infusion to forgive others; we just need to obey Jesus.

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