Sunday, December 1, 2019

What Is A King?

What Is A King?
1 Samuel 8:1-22

One of the greatest gifts God has given mankind is the freedom and ability to make choices; however, we are not always so good at making the right choice. 

I.   Israel’s Bad Choice of a King

Israel wanted a king because God’s rule didn’t look like all the other nations around them;

II.  Who Is Your King?

A. Everyone wants a king whether they know it or not.

· The quest for power, a preoccupation with security, and the desire for conformity keeps people seeking, searching, and longing for a king to rule over them .

B. Everyone has a king whether they know it or not.

· Every person has multiple things that vie for access to the throne from which to rule your life.

· The King of Self

When I am the king of my own life, I am not accountable to anything or anyone,

· The King of Addiction

· The King of Money

· The King of Family

Sometimes there are good things that will very subtly sit upon your life’s throne.

· The King of Approval

Youth are not the only ones affected by peer pressure.

III.  What Does A King Do?

A.   Kings Rule

· Whatever or whoever sits upon the throne of your life will take charge over it, control it, and rule it.

B.   Kings Take.

IV.  Have You Chosen The Right King?

A.   Not to choose your king is to leave yourself vulnerable to a kingdom that will enslave you.

B.   King Jesus receives all who will desire to let Him reign in their lives.

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