Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8

Taste AND See
Particularly when they are experienced together, there’s something about a good meal and a good movie isn’t there?    The two experiences work well through all five senses God has given us. 
You may already know this, but there is a growing franchise of theaters that has figured this out.  There, you can sit down at a table IN THE THEATER, order anything from a burger, to barbeque, or a steak, and enjoy delicious food; all while you take in the latest thriller, sci-fi, or love story. 

Now and again, Laura and I will double date with another couple or two and we will all hit a local restaurant, share a delicious meal of some kind, and then head to the theater for an exciting film.  And the experience isn’t momentary either.  The shared experiences create deeper bonds and fellowship, generate conversation and create memories that we reflect on; days, weeks, even months later.  Dinner and a movie.  Taste…and see…

Go ahead…it’s a buffet!
I remember my earliest experience at an all you can eat buffet as a child.  Our family didn’t go out to dinner very often at all.  And when we did, we knew to order ‘small.’  Eating out was very expensive, and we didn’t have much money to spare. Standing there at the edge of the buffet, I couldn’t absorb that it was all available for the taking!  Within reason, I could have whatever I wanted from that table…even the desserts!

I’ve observed through my years as a follower of Jesus, that many called by the name of Christian make a profession of faith, and even attend church regularly, but never really “step up to the buffet…” so to speak.  Our faith is not intended to be merely that which we come to know, and hold to believe…but to be experienced…much like that dinner and a movie we read about above. 

Imagine experiencing our faith like we do dinner and a movie!  Involving all five senses…shared with our community of family and friends, and strangers; and impacting not just a momentary experience, but changing the way we live, love, and act; interact and react; creating deeper bonds and fellowship with one another, and our Lord Jesus; and generating conversation that we share days, weeks, and even months and years later!  "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” 

Make your faith life dinner AND a movie. Take your family and friends along for the shared experience!  Taste and see that the Lord, He is good!  And tell the world about what you have experienced!  Our faith is not merely what we believe…but what compels, empowers, consumes, and directs us.  It is a real life, multi-sensory, 3-D, life altering experience.  Go ahead…taste and see. 

Almighty God, Open our eyes and ears this day to experience the fullness of your presence in our every moment.  Feed us richly from the bread of your Word, and fill us again with your spirit and presence.  Keep us in contact with what you are saying, doing, and desiring us to say and do as we move through this world today.  Help us to taste and see your goodness and love.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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