Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dealing with Doubt Part 2

John 20:24-31
“Doubting Thomas” has become a label put on those who fail to believe.  For some, it is not about believing in Christ but about their general faith.  Is it wrong to doubt?  Or does honest doubt have a place in the development of our faith? Thomas was a believer and a doubter. Let us see what we can learn from this man. 

I. Thomas’ Doubt Kept Him out of Fellowship.  v.24

When faithdisappears with thefeelingyou can be assured it wasn’t real. Emotionaldoubt is a sign of shallow belief.

II. Thomas’ Friends Cared Enough to ConfrontHim.  v.25

You can’t run your faithvery far on someone else’s fuel.

III. Jesus Gives Thomas a Handwith His Doubt.  v.27

Doubt is the place you standwhen you are between two beliefs. (Rabbi Samuel Nobles)
Nearly every doubt man has is answered with a proper theology.

IV. How to Deal with Your Doubts  

Ø  Admitthem

Causes for doubt

·     Improperconcept of God and His work
·     Personal failure
·     Sickness, injury or other personaltragedy
·     Nationalor Globaltragedy
·     Immaturefaith 

A doubt is merely a triggerfor the search for deeperfaith.  

Ø  Examinethem

Unexamined truth does not bring securityor power.

Ø  Discussthem

Doubt in faith!  Don’t carry your doubt to doubtersfor answers.  

Doubts are most often NOT caused by a lack of faithas much as a lack of understanding

Ø  Suspendthem

Realize that you can managedoubt.

Ø  Resolvethem

When God enlargesyour faith to cover your doubts, you will have a BIGGERGod.

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