Sunday, August 26, 2018

Reclaimed (Part 4)

II Corinthians 10:3-6
Our lives are filled with sin patterns that must be overcome to claim a new life in God.  Overcoming strongholds requires spiritual warfare targeting whatever area of weakness that has caused recurring defeat. Some specific actions include:
Steps to Rebuilding 
·   Get a proper attitudetoward sin. Romans 12:9b
The fully committed life of a believer is a battleground, not a playground.
·  Surrender your completelife to God. Romans 12:1, James 4:7 
The goal of spiritual transformation is not to change a behaviorbut to change a heart.  
·  Closethedoorwhere Satan has been entering. Romans 6:6-7,11
 A fact of life is that to choose to sinis to choose to suffer.
·  Studythe Word of God about your weakness.Hebrews 4:12
Every sin is a violation of God’s designand desirefor our lives.
God’s Word about a sin reveals the truthabout that wrong and strengthens our convictionand holds us accountable.
·  Be filledwith God’s Spirit Galatians 5:16
The Christian life is not merely a standard or pattern of behavior, but a life lived under the controlof Christ.

Strongholds vs. Transformation 

The work of God in a believer’s life to transformthem into the image of Christ is sanctification.
Sanctification by God seems to have been replaced with obedienceby men. Romans 12:2
God has promised to changeus, not help us changeourselves.

The powerful strongholds that we struggle with can only be torn down by yieldingto a power greater than ourselves…Jesus!

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