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The Making of a Leader Part 5 – The Rod of God

The Making of a Leader Part 5 – The Rod of God 

Exodus 4:1-12

It is God who calls and equips believers for His purpose; therefore, believers must learn to submit to the call and purpose of God.

God provided Aaron to be the spokesperson. But Moses was held responsible for the message.

God desires more than just obedience from Moses; He wants a partnership not a puppet.

God has been known to take normal instruments and talents and use them for supernatural purposes.

The Transformation of Moses Staff

In Moses’ life, the thing he held also held him!

God didn't use the scepter that was in Moses' royal hand when he lived in Egypt, but He did use the simple shepherd's staff.

PRINCIPLE: There are things in our possession that have the potential to be serpents of sin or channels of blessing.  

The Rod of God

God used the rod for deliverance.   

God used the rod for sustenance.   

God used the rod for strength in battle.  

The staff of Moses’ represented his life, his identity, and his livelihood.

God can't fully bless and use what we have until we give it to Him.  


What’s in Your Hand?

When Moses threw it down, God revealed it for what it actually was a serpent of death.

God tells Moses to pick it up by the tail to show it no longer has power over him.

Like a shepherd leans on the staff, we lean on the things that we hold in our hands.

What we hold does not have to hold us!

What you have in your hand may be the very gift that God wants you to use in ministry.

If what we hold in our hands is not yielded to the Lord, it is a hindrance to God’s use of our lives.

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