Sunday, May 31, 2020

Boundless Love

Boundless Love

John 13:1-15

How people “feel” will often be determined by how they are “treated.” You Are Welcome Here is more of an attitude than a statement. Every church has an atmosphere that people sense when they enter.  Jesus demonstrates the kind of love that we should feel in His house – a love that focuses on others.

Characteristics of Boundless Love

 I.    It is an Unceasing Love  John 13:1

·         Unceasing love issues from character more than commitment.

·         Unceasing love creates trust.

·         Unceasing love is a drawing love.

Seekers today will belong before they will believe.

·         It is not as we separate ourselves from men that we grow close to God but as we come nearer to suffering humanity.

III.    It is an Instinctinve Love  John 13:4

·         Love “reacts” more often that it acts. 

·         Jesus loved them in an unexpected way.

·         Love does what no one expects to be done for them.

·         Jesus loved the unsuspecting sinner.

IV.    It is a Servant Love  John 13:4-5 

·         Jesus was a servant in spite of His circumstances.

·         Jesus had to get wet and dirty.

·         Jesus was not in a hurry.
Serving others takes time and our attention.

·         It is important to know what it feels like to be served before we truly understand service. 

·         True service chooses to be a servant … self-centered service decides to perform an act of service. 

V.    It is an Overwhelming Love  John 13:6-10a

·         The disciple who will not humble himself to be served is not fit for service.

·         The Demand of Holiness by Christ

Humility is the beginning of holiness.

·         The Desire for Holiness by Disciples

You can do all you can to get right with God – but you still have to humble yourself and let Him wash your feet.

VI.    It is an Christlike Love  John 13:12-14

·         To fail to humble ourselves to serve men is to fail to humble ourselves to God.

·         Christian fellowship is in serving together, not sitting together.

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