Sunday, November 11, 2012

When the Brook Runs Dry

Elijah – Faith in Faithless Times
1 Kings 17:1-16
If you’ve ever experienced lasting defeat; if you’ve ever had all that you’ve come to depend on taken away for a season; if you’ve ever had to endure a seemingly endless famine in your life—this message is for you.  
I. Elijah’s Course
A.    The Conflict: I Kings 17:1
B.    The Communication: I Kings 17:2
C.    The CommandI Kings 17:3
D.    The Care: I Kings 17:4-6
E.     The Crisis: I Kings 17:7
What was once your greatest joy can become the source of your greatest pain.
II. The Cause: Why do our brooks dry up?
Wrong Reasonings:
1.     The brook did not dry up because God forgot Elijah.
2.     The brook did not dry up because God stopped loving Elijah.
3.     The brook did not dry up because Elijah had sinned.
4.     The brook did not dry up because Elijah was out of the will of God.
5.     The brook did not dry up because God is limited.
The brook dried up simply because there was no rain.
There are no Christian fall-out shelters.
God has His chosen men but whatever they are chosen for it is not to escape the heritage of tears.
Somewhere between ordinary and extraordinary is something called an obstacle.
III. The Future: Where do we go from the dry brook?  I Kings 17:8-9
Stay by the brook too long and you may love the brook more than the God who gave it to you.
5 Instructions To Get Out Of Your Drought
1.     Leave Your Comfort Zone
2.     Let Go of Your Fear
3.     Look for God’s Provision I Kings 17:10
4.     Lose your Pride I Kings 17:11
5.     Lend what you have left to God I Kings 17:13

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