Monday, June 12, 2017

Nehemiah Characteristics for Effective Leadership

Nehemiah and his work is a wonderful example of effective leadership. In follow-up to the Sunday sermon, consider these characteristics Nehemiah exhibited necessary for effective leadership. Donald K. Campbell lists 21 such factors (Nehemiah: Man in Charge, p. 23):

1. He established a reasonable and attainable goal.

2. He had a sense of mission.

3. He was willing to get involved.

4. He rearranged his priorities in order to accomplish his goal.

5. He patiently waited for God’s timing.

6. He showed respect to his superior.

7. He prayed at crucial times.

8. He made his request with tact and graciousness.

9. He was well prepared and thought of his needs in advance.

10. He went through proper channels.

11. He took time (three days) to rest, pray, and plan.

12. He investigated the situation firsthand.

13. He informed others only after he knew the size of the problem.

14. He identified himself as one with the people.

15. He set before them a reasonable and attainable goal.

16. He assured them God was in the project.

17. He displayed self-confidence in facing obstacles.

18. He displayed God’s confidence in facing obstacles.

19. He did not argue with opponents.

20. He was not discouraged by opposition.

21. He courageously used the authority of his position.

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